Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bronco Preview '11

Broncos are here to bring it in my final season!
The biggest and hardest of these steps to still learn is...taking one step at a time. Didn't have the best race out there today, but am well aware of my higher fitness level. The realization needs to be on my focus not concerned with others focus and that will be the challenge I will be taking on for the next couple weeks. Otherwise, here I am.

Surf's up.

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Photo Essay

Today was one of the few days I have had off and I wanted to get outside and relax for a change. I needed a break from training and work. The mind cannot be on all the time, it needs to be free to wonder and do its thing without forced pressure. Well to be honest I had been pushing it to its limit for some time.

I drove to Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve and walked. I was surprised to see how walking with my camera, I was so caught on looking around me at my environment that no other stresses came to my mind. I was in my own state of mind.

Here I have made a photo essay of my hike, what I enjoyed on my day off. This week is the first race of the season for me, and it was good to get out of zone for a bit. Which is my reminder to you guys to smell the roses once in a while.