Monday, February 4, 2013

My New Chapter

So this chapter awaits a title... It has been a while since I have posted and at some points I did forget about this blog entirely. So let's see since graduating undergrad; I almost seemed to have moved backwards rather than forward. I moved back home and was having horrible luck with jobs. In fact I had become sick of even looking at my resume. In the meantime with not much else to fill my day, I decided to get back into shape with running again, yet I soon realized I wasn't ready feeling a bit burnt out still from my senior year seasons all together. What to do. I went from a constant going school schedule to a well nothing on schedule plan. I found an open assistant coaching position at my brothers alma mater, and figured why not? Why not. Whenever this is the contemplated question; do it.
So with this position came a lot more then I anticipated would come: some frustration (and still some), new resolutions in running (never gets old), personal bests from my runners, and a new relationship bonded these together. It was a new starting point; bringing out more of myself from being around others, while of course putting my knowledge to the test. No longer a student of the sport. I didn't quite get the typical real job, the beginning of my bills are just beginning from my student loans and yet even with the constant test of what's right; I feel this is best for me. Somehow it is what I needed and hopefully one day, what others will tell me they needed. Just maybe it is bringing me out again.

Friday, October 28, 2011

To Walk with Faith

Being that I am a docent for the Missing Peace exhibit on campus....I have been really blown away by the art work that is done. I haven’t written in a while, but this time around I want to post one of my favorite pieces from the exhibit and how I of course Draw it back to running.

This photo I took a quick pic from my iPhone of Adriana Varejao’s photograph. The moment of the person running in mid air barefoot captures all the beauty of the image. For one, the fact that they are running barefoot enhances the liberation felt, while also taking a look at the background being surrounded by leaves and dirt....what cross country is all about heh?

I know the artist didn't originally make this print because of cross country but with a much deeper meaning, but why can’t we take that meaning and put it forth into cross country. Its about the moment. Something I know I have to work on because I dwell too much.

But we gotta start somewhere. Walk in Faith just as the piece is entitled.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bronco Preview '11

Broncos are here to bring it in my final season!
The biggest and hardest of these steps to still learn is...taking one step at a time. Didn't have the best race out there today, but am well aware of my higher fitness level. The realization needs to be on my focus not concerned with others focus and that will be the challenge I will be taking on for the next couple weeks. Otherwise, here I am.

Surf's up.

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Photo Essay

Today was one of the few days I have had off and I wanted to get outside and relax for a change. I needed a break from training and work. The mind cannot be on all the time, it needs to be free to wonder and do its thing without forced pressure. Well to be honest I had been pushing it to its limit for some time.

I drove to Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve and walked. I was surprised to see how walking with my camera, I was so caught on looking around me at my environment that no other stresses came to my mind. I was in my own state of mind.

Here I have made a photo essay of my hike, what I enjoyed on my day off. This week is the first race of the season for me, and it was good to get out of zone for a bit. Which is my reminder to you guys to smell the roses once in a while.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Beauty in our Surroundings

So I realize I haven't written for a while and there is no excuse for that but in the mean time....

...what I do want to say is how great my summer has been thus far. I have been up at school for the past couple weeks now and my runs have been the most beautiful runs I have ever done. Runs where we have been immersed in our surroundings from running on what feels like the top of the world, climbing mountain tops while feeling the mist of the fog, to quickly finding a shift in our trail to Eucalyptus trees camouflaging us to the rest of the world. Out there its just us; and the rythym of our strides running the hill tops of the bay.

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day!

Go out and run and enjoy the day! This is what it's about.
Here is some inspiration to get you out the door.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Race Day.

The season seemed to fly by; I couldn’t believe we were at the end. Here we were at the final race of the season, the WCC meet in Oregon.  I was to run the 10k, per my request. After running it once, it of course was harder than I thought, but I knew I could do much better than I had put down. I was excited especially because it has been a while since I had raced it. 

We flew out Saturday morning, yet it didn’t quite feel like I was racing that same evening. Our flight was early, but my race wasn’t until 10:00 pm, which was different but I was excited for it because it is not that often I get to race at night. During the day, we ate lunch, and when arriving at the hotel, I relaxed napped. Then grabbed Subway again for dinner, as I had for lunch; yes that is two foot long subs for the day.

It was feeling like race day now.  Arriving at the track in Willamette, it was beautiful. The outside had some trails nearby to warm up on, with beautiful wildflowers all over. Walking in to the stadium, it covered, with the lights warming up for the upcoming races. 

Before I would warm up, there were plenty of good races; many personal best were set- always helpful in giving a peace of mind. One race specifically almost a school record was an excellent race because the risk was taken to go with the pack, which ultimately led to a huge personal best.  It was my turn to warm up. Running a few laps outside the stadium, I watched in the distance under the lights as the 5k was going off at the same time; a teammate was gunning for revenge from the past seasons and raced the clock.  Running with my iPod, in between songs, all I could hear were my steady breaths and my stride as my feet hit the ground.

Upon arriving back, I gathered my spikes and my arm warmers because it was a chilly evening in Oregon. This would be the first (and probably only time) that the race would be combined with the men. From talking with coach, we both knew they race would probably go out quick because of this. Striding across the infield was feeling more and more at ease as I warmed  up with Linkin Park playing through my headphones so I could block all else out.    

After talking with my coaches, we were called to the starting line. On your mark….the gun went off.
My race was underway with just what I, we went a little quick- I expected that and secretly wanted that. Up through the first couple miles, I was aware of splits and pace I was hitting but had decided, it would not be best to hear my splits throughout the race. I heard a lap here and there but that was it. In the distance I was looking to catch a girl that was fading. Coaches kept me focused for the long run ahead, and not settling because it easy to do in such a run.  Came through the first 5k in 18:30, funny because that was right off my first 5k of the season, in which coach had told me she thought I would run that for my first 5k of the 10k. Here I was.

I was alone now, racing myself. I was focused on the track, trying not to stray off, looking straight ahead. I heard everything that was being said to me, very aware of what others told me to stay on track. I was so focused that I find my rhyme, my mojo perhaps to say that I lost track of my lap count. With the guys racing the same race, the lap count was not for me. I ran another mile or two until…I had to ask. In which I was given two different lap numbers…yeah for the 10k. I was hurting now, but only 5 laps yet. I dug in, in which it feels like I’m pushing hard and running faster, when really that’s what keeps us on pace, we all know that feeling.

Less than a mile. On our goal sheet for the team it was written, to have nothing left. Keep pushing, I wanted to do that. I wanted to be done, where was the final lap? Here it was. I was going. I heard everything louder than ever that lap. The teammates cheering, the coaches yelling, there was nothing to do but go- lift your legs and fly with all the pain. The crossing of the finish line and suddenly the first thing, I ask as the coach come over…..”Did I get it?.....The school record?” It was close, I just missed it by 4 seconds. Ouch.

Although the cool thing was, I spoke with my other teammate who had just missed the school record as well. She said she was glad she didn’t get it because  it was so close in reach for the upcoming year and would lay off the expectations to excel intensely in that event; it game way to be more well rounded. A wise freshman.  The gateway is open for the upcoming season even wider now, knowing we could get that close.