Friday, October 28, 2011

To Walk with Faith

Being that I am a docent for the Missing Peace exhibit on campus....I have been really blown away by the art work that is done. I haven’t written in a while, but this time around I want to post one of my favorite pieces from the exhibit and how I of course Draw it back to running.

This photo I took a quick pic from my iPhone of Adriana Varejao’s photograph. The moment of the person running in mid air barefoot captures all the beauty of the image. For one, the fact that they are running barefoot enhances the liberation felt, while also taking a look at the background being surrounded by leaves and dirt....what cross country is all about heh?

I know the artist didn't originally make this print because of cross country but with a much deeper meaning, but why can’t we take that meaning and put it forth into cross country. Its about the moment. Something I know I have to work on because I dwell too much.

But we gotta start somewhere. Walk in Faith just as the piece is entitled.

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