Monday, February 4, 2013

My New Chapter

So this chapter awaits a title... It has been a while since I have posted and at some points I did forget about this blog entirely. So let's see since graduating undergrad; I almost seemed to have moved backwards rather than forward. I moved back home and was having horrible luck with jobs. In fact I had become sick of even looking at my resume. In the meantime with not much else to fill my day, I decided to get back into shape with running again, yet I soon realized I wasn't ready feeling a bit burnt out still from my senior year seasons all together. What to do. I went from a constant going school schedule to a well nothing on schedule plan. I found an open assistant coaching position at my brothers alma mater, and figured why not? Why not. Whenever this is the contemplated question; do it.
So with this position came a lot more then I anticipated would come: some frustration (and still some), new resolutions in running (never gets old), personal bests from my runners, and a new relationship bonded these together. It was a new starting point; bringing out more of myself from being around others, while of course putting my knowledge to the test. No longer a student of the sport. I didn't quite get the typical real job, the beginning of my bills are just beginning from my student loans and yet even with the constant test of what's right; I feel this is best for me. Somehow it is what I needed and hopefully one day, what others will tell me they needed. Just maybe it is bringing me out again.

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