Monday, April 25, 2011

Everything went wrong?

Or did it...

Friday evening was a rush. I can’t say it was the way I imagined it would have happened but all the pieces appear to be falling where they need to and at the right timing too. I am finally breaking away to where I want to be running! It’s funny when we visualize a race and imagine the way we want to see it planed it out; we want it so perfectly done…yet that is hardly the case. 

Why is that? Perhaps it is because when a turn of events happens, we have the least amount of time to think about. The only option one really has is to just roll with it because well things happen and its part of racing.
It’s funny because from this all we find parts of ourselves that come through when we least expect it. That strength that is hidden; there is always more than we suspect. A friend of mine told me, “What’s the worst thing that will happen? You run slow. That’s it.” And that honestly is the worst thing that will happen, and it happens. 

Just roll with it and see how you could have more control than you anticipated.  Change up the pace. 5k at sub 18 pace is feeling more natural to my stride. How far under could I go.

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