Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who keeps you running?

Hope this sparks a little bit of inspiration on your next run, but also reminds us who keeps you running. Well for me, it was my high school cross country coach, as crazy as he may be I learned the most I could ever learn about running while running for him. It was because of him, our team took in the realization that the limits on the human body are from what most believe.
Talk about eating, sleeping, and running. That was our lives for those four years of high school and we absolutely loved it! There were absolutely no regrets about it because we were living the dream of running. Traveling and racing together; breathing in everything there was to know about the sport which became our passion solely on the dedication of our coach. He had very unique ways in drawing us in, but he taught us all we needed to know. Yet even now years later, talking with teammates we still have the urge for our high school philosophy. Running has truly taken me places I never would have known, and this is where it started.

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