Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Finish Line

All track and cross country athletes have felt the sentiment of the finish, yet most skip over that instant of serenity. No matter what the outcome of your race, there is that moment, swift as it may be when one crosses the finish the line; we are at peace with ourselves.  Just as it came, the moment is gone and the emotion and fatigue has settled. 

As brief as it is, it is an instant where we are content with ourselves and our surroundings.  Sometimes this feeling is overlooked. For the first time, I was quite aware of it this past weekend when coming across the finish line.

I had a time in mind, in which I did hit that time, feeling content with myself and those around me. I know I had finally found that right balance with running; a struggle I have had since starting my collegiate career. There was no overwhelming weight hanging on me anymore. My passion is still there and only growing stronger, after a tug of war with the past seasons. I feel more comfortable than ever before. 

Next time you step on that line, remember to cherish that moment when you cross it, for the flash of gratitude.